Who We Are

Founded with the very purpose to... make things happen

Sometimes it takes opposing forces to make change, and that’s very much the case in our philosophy of not accepting the ‘norm’ or opinions for the sake of convenience. 

Our team’s often polarising outlook and approach allows us to come together and approach each new challenge with a wider perspective. 

No project is simple, and we don’t want it to be…we want to make something that’s better than before, we want to make something that’s never happened before.. We want to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

Connor Hall

founder – digital/ social

Connor’s ceaseless and hard-working mentality has seen him achieve results and peer recognition well beyond his years. Award winning and regular face on the GM entrepreneurial circuit Connor is known for delivering unique and result-driven projects.

Connor’s current projects include Government Authorities, Start-Ups and Established Businesses seeking to develop  long-term relationships with their audience.


Paul Sweeting


Paul Started his career at the Empire EC Plc graduate scheme and  was the technical lead for their online e-Commerce department in 1999, with a turnover growing to £50m+ before leaving in 2005 to  lead projects for, Sony, H&T PLC and Venture Capital led start-ups.


Lecturing & speaking on the specialism of e-Commerce ROI & technologies Paul then went on to successfully raise VC funding for start-ups, giving him the on-going passion to support other local talent with the L&N Incubator Hub.