What We Do

Web Development & E-Commerce

Having been working in web development for over 20 years and been at the inception of the e-Commerce industry, winning awards for VISA e-Tailer of the year as far back as 2005, we have the experience to know that a website isn't a stand-alone entity and to be successful must integrate with the rest of the business both in processes and marketing. 

We're happy to consult on services, work alongside your team or provide a full service solution. Our skill-sets include:

  • E-Commerce Platforms
  • Content Management Systems
  • Booking & Inventory Systems
  • Email Marketing/ Direct Mail
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

Social Media, PPC & Lead Generation

We work with a range of clients across the broad spectrum of online platforms to provide a blended marketing strategy of both paid for and organic lead generation. With a customers 'decision to purchase time' being sometimes days, weeks or months we understand the necessity to follow the potential lead throughout the decision journey.

With a strong understanding that an attainable Cost Per Acquisition is key to any successful campaign we are accredited with all the major advertising platforms as well as the key analytics providers.

  • Cost Per Click & Per Per Lead
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Price Comparison & Shopping Engines
  • Push Notifications & Chat-Bots
  • Sales Funnel & Cross Platform Marketing

Automation & Internet of Things

Key to anything we do , whether it be marketing campaign or a sales system we aim to minimise the need for people geeople to get involved  - thus removing bottlenecks, saving time & mistakes, and therefore providing a cost-saving competitor advantage.

We take these skills and apply them to everyday situations both to benefit commercial and community projects, including:

  • Integrated Communications
  • 3rd Party Seller Platforms
  • Office and System Processes
  • Warehousing/ Inventory Management

Prototyping & App Development

We're well known for not only the work we do for our clients/ causes but those we do for ourselves (to learn and better understand technologies). With a great interest in how the latest generation of  technology devices can be used to improve people's lives and benefit organisations.

Conscious that information is consumed more and more in realtime, from disparate sources,  and across different outlets both visually and aurally - we are working on the next generation of applications to connect people with data they want in the most accessible form.

  • Fully Embedded Android & iOS Apps
  • Voice & Phone Assistants
  • Language Agnostic Information Services
  • Interactive Touch Screen Displays
  • Tracking & Engagement Monitoring